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Back Up Your Blog Easily with Backup Buddy


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This post is about the importance of backing up your blog.   Are you backing your blog up on the regular? If not, you really should be, and not just your database.  You need to be backing up your whole site!

Have you ever done something really stupid and messed something up accidentally or deleted something really important and had to re-do a whole bunch of work.  Maybe you lost things you couldn't get back?   If so, then you know how much it sucks when you have worked really hard on your blog, getting your theme just the way you want it, with all your plugins and widgets set up, working right, and looking good..and you have lots of posts, pics, and maybe even videos, and drafts of posts stored, and posts finished and scheduled to be published, and then your blog crashes, or you do something stupid and completely screw it up.

There are many things that can happen to your blog that can trash it and make you cry like a baby if you haven't been backing it up on a regular basis.  That's why it is super important to have some sort of backup plugin installed on your blog.  Preferably something that backs it up automatically on a regular basis, so you won't forget and have to go through the agony of trying to glue your blog back together when disaster strikes.

There are a few free plugins you can use, and normally I am all about the free.  The beauty of the internet is, there is almost always a free alternative for just about anything.  Sometimes the free ones are better than most of the paid ones.  You just have to know where to look.  Unfortunately, none of the free backup plugins do everything you need them to do.  Some just back up your posts, and some back up your theme and settings, and some will do it automatically on a schedule, but none of them do all 3 together.  At least of the ones I've looked into, there may be one I don't know of.  I think a lot of people use WP database backup in combination with WordPress Backup plugin, but after lots of research and trying to find the blog backup plugin most people recommend, I went ahead and went for a premium option on this one instead.  After reviewing all my options, I decided to go with Backup Buddy.

The beauty of Backup Buddy is, not only does it back up your database, so your posts are safe, it backs up all your data, your media,  your settings and plugins, too.  Your theme, your comments, and all your plugins can be restored quickly and without any hassle if you need to reinstall your blog.  It also allows you to easily move your blog, if you want to change hosts or something, and you can also clone your site and create an entirely new site on a different domain, so its perfect for marketer's who want to build blogs quickly and easily and designers who want to create a site and move it to a client's domain.  All you need to do is set everything up just the way you want it once, and you can clone the site over and over without having to upload and install the plugins over and over and mess with setting up widgets and stuff.

With Backup Buddy you can:

Backup your site to an FTP server, Amazon S3, your Dropbox account, or have it emailed to you.

Schedule your backups daily, weekly, monthly, or all of the above.

Choose which directories to exclude if you don't want to back them up.

Backup your entire site or just your database.  You can even choose to backup your database daily or weekly and then your entire site only monthly.

Built-in Help system.

Automatic malware check of files.

Server check to be sure there are no issues.

Migrate your entire site to a new server without having to install WordPress first, and Backup Buddy will make sure all your permalinks and urls, etc, are changed to the new domain, so everything is just the way it should without you having to do anything.

It is a pretty powerful little plug-in!

Here's a quick overview of how to set up Backup Buddy on your blog:


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