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Wanna Be a Giant Squid..

Giant Squid Logo 2008

Image by BigGirlBlue via Flickr

This week Squidoo announced some big changes in their Giant Squid program. Up til now, a lensmaster had to have created 50 “quality lenses” to be eligible to apply to be a Giant Squid.

What’s a Giant Squid?

A Giant Squid is a sort of club for lensmasters who have created at least (now) 25 quality lenses. 

The Giant Squid title comes with some pretty desirable perks, including no daily lens limit, greenlighting of your lenses so you don’t get stopped by the spam filters, the ability to create lens templates and save them, and elimination of the “no more than 9 links per domain” limit. That last one will be HUGE for me.  I like pictures on my lenses.  If you’re not a Giant Squid and you have more than 9 pictures hosted at the same domain you can’t publish your lens. You have to split them up somehow and host them at different places.  What a HUGE pain in the butt that is!  It’s there for good reason, I suppose, but they should have some exceptions, like Photobucket and Flickr. Oh well, now all you need is 25 lenses to apply and that’s no longer an issue!  Awesome!  Each level of Gianthood above 25 gets a few extra little perks, like getting to be able to hand out Purple Stars at 250.

There are now actually 5 levels of Giant Squid-ness.  The levels are 25, 50, 100, 250, or 500, and even though the number of lenses required to apply is lowered, they say the standards of what qualifies as a “quality lens” have been raised. They also did away with the quarterly admission deadlines. Prior to the change, there were certain times every quarter you could apply.  Now, no more waiting for the end of the quarter or trying to rush and get enough lenses made in time to make the next deadline. If you have 25 quality lenses are are ready to apply GO FOR IT!  But if you’re denied, you do have to wait for 30 days to reapply.

To learn more about the Giant Squid program and all the details and requirements, visit the Giant Squid info page.. Already a lensmaster with 25 fabulous lenses and want to apply? Giant Squid application

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